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Zacks Birthday
January 2014

February 2014
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Biltmore Estate

In March 2014, we took Katie and Zack to the Biltmore Estate. This time we went on the Architect tour of the house where they took us up on the roof. We also went on a segway tour down by the reflection pond where you can see the Biltmore house off in the distance.
March 2014
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Katie and Zacks first time on the Segways so there was a little training ;-).


This was the Fradenburgs first camping trip with us at Dreher Island... I'm pretty sure it's Dinas last ;-)!
May 2014

DuPont State Forest N.C.
June 2014
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Fort Jackson Water Park
June 2014

This year Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary so Ann, Susan and I decided to throw them a party. Susan booked the Club house in Lexington, Ann picked out decorations and I just showed up to do what I was told. Lots of people came to celebrate with us and the party was a hit! Happy 50th Mom and Dad, WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!
June 2014

50th Speach

Tubing on the Saluda/Congaree
June 2014

Fripp Island
July 2014
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This year For Katies 16th birthday she got a car... a Jeep Compas Sport.

Katies Homecoming (October 2014)

Also in October we took a trip to the Skytop Apple Orchard in Flat Rock NC.

Halloween 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Christmas 2014
This year we were in a rental for Christmas. The house we lived in sold and the one we were building on the lake was not finished yet so we had to stay in the "Lake Shack" for a week where we spent Christmas. No matter what though, we were going to have a real Christmas and thanks to Amber we did!

We said we would never build again after the last time but here we go again. It took a year to get it done and we moved in on New Years Eve but we finally made it to the lake.

January 2017
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