Address and Routing Protocol Summary

I chose a class A IP addressing scheme. The second octet in the address identifies the campus where the devise is located. The first number in the third octet identifies the building on the campus and the second number identifies the floor of that building. I will use VLAN's to separate traffic flow between the faculty offices, classrooms, and the labs. I will also use EIGRP routing protocol for several reasons. First of all it is relatively easy to configure. Secondly it has excellent scalability. It also converges quickly, so as routing information changes, it updates it tables accordingly. Since it makes these updates only when routes on the network change, it also uses less bandwidth then other routing protocols that have periodic updates.

Below is a table representing the IP addressing scheme I chose.

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Campus 1                                                                   Campus2                      
Building A       Building A  
First Floor 10.1.11.H     First Floor 10.2.11.H
Second Floor 10.1.21.H        
Building B       Building B  
First Floor 10.1.21.H     First Floor 10.2.21.H
        Second Floor 10.2.22.H
Building C       Building C  
First Floor 10.1.31.H     First Floor 10.2.31.H
Second Floor 10.1.32.H     Second Floor 10.2.32.H
Third Floor 10.1.33.H     Third Floor 10.2.33.H
Fourth Floor 10.1.34.H        
Building D          
First Floor 10.1.41.H        
Second Floor 10.1.42.H        
Third Floor 10.1.43.H        
Building E          
First Floor 10.1.51.H        
Second Floor 10.1.52.H        
Third Floor 10.1.53.H        
Fourth Floor 10.1.54.H