Marshall Realtors
Network Proposal
November 2002

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I. Title Page
II. Network Design Slides
III. Introduction
1. Overview of the Company and Network Proposal.
IV. Assumptions
V. Network Hardware
VI. Network Software
VII. Spreadsheets
1. Initial Hardware Charges
2. Monthly T-1 Circuits Charges
3. Monthly Local Loop Charges
4. Monthly Network Personel Salaries
VIII. Bibliography

The purpose of this proposal is to renovate the net workings of Marshall Realtors. The company was developed in the 1980's, and the computer equipment is reminiscent of that time period. There has been a strong need to upgrade its equipment and communications ability. When the company was originally founded, it was a leader of the market in real estate sales and development for the greater Charleston, SC, Denver, CO, and Louisville, KY areas. However, as times have changed, the company has stayed the same, and is relying on antiquated resources and slowly fallen behind the competition. Each location is made up of one building, consisting of three floors with eight pods of computer terminals. Six of the pods contain two computers and one printer. Another pod has three computers and two printers and the other pod has four computers and three printers. Each floor has a server room with 2 computers.
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The foundation of Marshall Realtors was built with Pentium One computers with dial-up connections and outdated software. A key factor in the success of any business is to stay with the game, if not ahead of it. Marshall Realtors has dedicated itself to find new ways of using new technology to grow and excel at business. As the company enters the New Year, we feel that we must upgrade the network. The company may experience some down time as the changes are made, but should not suffer any business losses. We feel that the upgrade will make information quicker and easier to share, in return helping our customer even more.
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The project itself will take approximately six months to implement, with up to six months of training for new and existing employees. We feel that our customer in the Denver area should have more access to our listings in Charleston and Louisville, and vice-versa for everyone else. The customer service agents will have more access to customer information files with the better computers while giving the customers better services.
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The heart of the network will begin with the dedicated T-1 lines connecting the three locations. The lines will connect to the DSU and connect to a fiber backbone. The routers, hubs, and switches are being purchased form Cisco. The computers will be Gateway 700X connected with Cat5 cables into Intel Pro/i 005 NIC cards. Several color and black and white printers will come from Lexmark to allow employees to print documents for their use. A surge protector will protect each workstation and a UPS will be connected to each pod of computers and printers. Each location will be equipped with six servers: the first floor will be equipped with two file servers, the second floor will have a print server and an application server, and the third floor will have a web server and a mail server.
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Marshall Realtors will use programs that are easy to understand and implement. The use of Microsoft software will be implemented into the network. Computers from Gateway will come preloaded with Windows XP Pro edition. The programs offered in Windows Office 2000 such offer the kind of resources needed to keep Marshall realtors on top of the real estate market. Windows 2000 Server will control the management of the network. Any additional software will be added if a need arises. So far, the Microsoft Office XP Suite has satisfied the company.
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Initial Equipment Startup Costs
Description Model Price Quantity Total
Router Cisco 3745 $9,039.83 3 $27,119.49
Switches Cisco 3550-12T $3,524.85 63 $222,065.55
Servers Compaq Pro-Liant DL 580 G2 $22,584.00 18 $406,512.00
Hubs Cisco 1538-M $410.84 72 $29,580.48
Computers Gateway 700x $2,149.00 171 $367,479.00
NIC cards Intel Pro/i OOS (5 Pack) $299.95 35 $10,498.25
DSU FCD-1L $499.00 3 $1,497.00
Printer Lexmark E320 (B & W) $286.95 54 $15,495.30
Printer Lexmark 0910 (Color) $3,799.95 45 $170,997.75
UPS APC Smart UPS $299.95 90 $26,995.50
Surge Protectors RBC2 $38.00 171 $6,498.00
Multimode Fiber Stretch-62.5/125 Duplex(20 meters) $98.00 3 $294.00
Cat 5e Belkin-Solid UTP (1000 feet) $119.99 27 $3239.73
Network Software Windows Server 2000 (25 client) $1,349.00 3 $4,047.00
Desktop Software Windows XP Office Pro $329.00 171 $56,259.00
Fiber Optic Transceivers Avaya Cajun GBIC MMF F/O 1000BSX $369.00 9 $3,321.00
Face Plates RJ45 Double Cat with Keystone Jack $8.99 90 $809.10
Connectors RJ45 Connectors (100 pack) $14.98 4 $59.92
Toot Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper & Crimper $18.99 7 $132.93
Total Startup Costs $1,352,892.00

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T-1 Circuits
Monthly T-1 Circuit Charges
T-1 Charges Distance Charges
Charleston, SC to Denver, CO 1581 Miles $3,952.50
Charleston, SC to Louisville, KY 525 Mites $1,312.50
Louisville, KY to Denver, CO 1119 Miles $2,797.50
Total Monthly Circuit Charges $8,062.50

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Local Loop
Instalation and Monthly Local Loop Charges
Location Quantity Installation Additional Charges
Charleston, SC 1 $300.00 $75.00 First 1/2 Mile, (5 Miles) Additional $270.00
Denver, CO 1 $300.00 $75.00 First 1/2 Mile, (2 Miles) Additional $150.00
Louisville, KY 1 $300.00 $75.00 First 1/2 Mile, (2 Miles) Additional $150.00

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Network Personnel
Salaries Expense
Location Staff Salary per Person Total Salaries
Charleston, SC 4 $35,000.00 $140,000.00
Denver, CO 3 $35,000.00 $105,000.00
Louisville, KY 3 $35,000.00 $105,000.00
Total Yearly Salaries Expense $350,000.00

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1.Kevin Dunetz. Demystifying T-1 Pricing.

2.Allen Kalik. T-1 101 For The TAS: Answers to common questions.



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